Family – The beginning

How vivid are her memories, she remembered everything her grandfather showed her about the Mecado family and now she was in the bed with the enemy. A plan is a plan and she was trained to finish the game.
They woke up with Tony the bodyguard next to the bed. Lorenzo was still sucking her nipples as he slept like that. They realised that someone put a cover on them, cleaned everything, tidied up the money and the drinks, brought them breakfast which smelt amazing.

Lorenzo opened his eyes and asks Tony what was the matter.

Tony: Your wife is demanding to see you and she is searching for Paris around the hotel. She looks very angry.

He smiled: OK Tony let me have a coffee and I will talk with Camille in my office. Please do take her there.

Lorenzo kissed Paris and carried her to the shower to wash her body.

She looked at him and said: Lorenzo can I fuck you in the ass with your vibrator belt.

He was in shock, that wasn’t on the menu that morning.
She was serious but smiling as well knowing that he will have to do her way. I know you want it, I can see it in your eyes and is only me and now one will ever find out.
She went to take the belt and made him a sign to come next to her on the sofa.

He followed the instructions. She put the belt on and started to lick his ass, she licked him and then put her fingers in and fingered him for a bit while her tits were pressing his back and she was biting his shoulders very hard.

His gorgeous tattoos were staring at her showing his Italian mafia links and his dedication to the family. She knew that being strong now is important for her plan or her grandfather plan.

She whispered: calm down now it will hurt you if you fiddle too much, I took your dick with pleasure now you take mine the same.

Renzo relaxed and enjoyed her thrusting and her hips movements.  He turned and kissed her with so much passion and he said that he wants it very badly.

She licked a bit more and then pushed her vibrator inside his ass. He was screaming and asking for more as well. Paris fucked his ass and wanked his cock while he was grabbing the sofa from so much pain and pleasure.
He screamed how much he loved her – I love you Paris, I love you, I love you

Lorenzo: Fuck that was different and super exiting.

She slapped his ass and opened it more as she fucked him from behind until his cock release seamen and his ass made noises.

Renzo: What else do you have in plan for us Paris? I have to go now to ask for a divorce and potentially start a war.

Paris knew exactly what he meant but made a sweet face and kissed his lips very passionately.

She was escorted to her room where she changed and went to the pool. It was late in the afternoon and the pool side was full of people having fun in the sun.

She enjoyed her afternoon with the girls, reading, tanning and eating. She was worried that now she was too involved and there is no turning back. The next step is to make him divorce and make more enemies. He will turn to her once the war starts and she will take care of him, in her own way, by killing him and take her family fortune back.

She called her family just to hear the sweet voices of her children. She did not suppose to have a family but now she had to think how to make them suffer the least.

From her research Lorenzo would go to the opera house – Opéra de Monte-Carlo, once a month to meet his associates so she booked a balcony there just to see his partners.

She told the girls to be ready for 8pm for dinner at the opera house then they will have fun clubbing. She noticed that the girls didn’t actually wanted to go to the opera but will accept the torture for couple of hours. Paris appreciated opera music but her main focus was the attendees.

Lorenzo was in his office on the phone shouting at someone and making threats in Italian. He saw her and lowered his tone and his eyes scanned that beautiful body in a sexy bodysuit with heels.
He hangs up the phone and asked her: “come posso aiutarti il ​​mio angelo, stai bene”
She sat down on his lap moving her ass very provocative and leaning towards his desk such as her ass was in his face.
She turned around and said: We are going to the opera tonight can you join us?

Lorenzo: What a coincidence, I am dinning there this evening and I would love if you can join me as well. I have to meet some of mine partners beforehand but we can dine together around 8.00pmish if that works for you and your friends?

Paris: oh I see, yes how lucky I booked a balcony for tonight. Yes we will join you after 8.00pm.

As she was walked away: I am wearing a gorgeous blue long dress and I need a sapphire necklace, smiling.
When the play will finish I would like you to stay behind and fuck me there on the stage but with no audience. I’ve heard they have a very strong piano maybe it will take our weight.
Then you will take me to the limo where we will drive around Monaco and fuck on the go. I am fantasies that you are my Mr Bond and we are on a special mission so guns are required, chocolate ones, smiling face.
The limo will drive us to a secluded house in the woods where we will play hide and seek. I want us to be naked with only wellies on, I will count and you will hide.  When I came to search for you I will be captured by Mr Bond who will tie my hands put something in my mouth and take me there on the dirty ground. I am the enemy and you will punish me.
After that you will carry me to the house where we will have a bath in the Jacuzzi while watching the stars relaxing.

Do you understand? Then get to work you only have 3 hours to sort everything and she left.

Lorenzo was gobsmacked, so much he loved this women everyday it was something else and more intense sex and adventures. He was in love and did not think why she was so interested in him.

He made a list for Tony and asked him to sort everything out and he went back to his business and made several calls. The conversation with Camille that afternoon was very significant for the family business and his family was demanding answers. When a marriage is agreed between mafia families the whole family is involved and every action has repercussions. Losing some of the power wasn’t in the plan for his father and he announced that he will be coming to Monaco to meet with both him and Camille to discuss the matter.

Paris was looking in the mirror but she couldn’t see herself anymore. The image was of a trained killer, a woman with only one purpose in life. She delayed this revenge for too long now that she discovered that the cancer was killing her she sworn that the Mecado family will fall as well. She will meet Lorenzo in hell and still fuck him there as well.

A knock at the door interrupted her amusing dreams filled with hate and pain.

It was a hotel staff with a note and the present she requested.

The note said: “ho seguito le tue istruzioni e tutto è organizzato. come mai l’angelo è stato così puro come pensi a scenari così cattivi” (I followed your instruction and all is in hand).

The superb sapphire necklace was staring at her, but Paris was miles away drifting between memories, dreams and the reality of her existence. Keep it together Paris the plan has to be successful.

She was in India`s room talking about makeup and types of eyes shadows when someone opened the room door. It was Simone with a message that the limo was ready for them outside.

Opéra de Monte-Carlo was an outstanding building part of the Monte Carlo Casino and designed by architect Charles Garnier in 1879. They were taken inside the opera house to a private room where Lorenzo was discussing business matters with a group of men and the atmosphere was very tense. As they entered the conversation stopped and Lorenzo dismissed everyone.

Renzo: You look absolutely stunning and kissed her in front of everyone. He started to talk with the ladies making them complements and asking Tony if the food is ready.

As they sat down, drinks were served and the food was coming as well.
Lorenzo sat next to Paris but he wasn’t 100% present because of the earlier intense conversation. She noticed that so she suggested that he would eat with them but leave afterwards if he has more important matters to resolve.

Renzo promised to be there in time to fuck her on the stage. The dinner was pleasant but a bit quieter than normal. They went to watch the play and he stayed there carry on with his meeting.

The play finished before midnight, Paris enjoyed drifting between meditation and the present situation. She mastered meditation at a very early age. Her grandfather made sure she was meditating at least 1 hour a day to gather her thoughts and see any flaws in their plan. She was a bit weaker than normal because of the extra exercise and her mind was racing every day to keep up with the plan and what was she supposed to do and to say. Lucky she had some tablets with her because she needed the energy for later.

The limo came to pick the girls up to take them to a Spanish club but Paris stayed behind.

Paris: I will stay to wait for Lorenzo and I will see you all tomorrow at lunch. She went back to the private room to take Lorenzo away but as she entered there was a torturing scene revealing in front of her. Tony was busy torturing the two men with something that looked like a knife.

Paris made a sign to Lorenzo and left very swiftly. On the stage she tried the piano, she wasn’t a skilled player but she knew Claire de Lune because normally that would calm her down.

Renzo came down all fresh looking with a bottle of champagne and two glasses. As he poured the drink he said: Claire de Lune, nice

Are you ok? What you saw in the private room has to stay private.

Paris: of course. She smiled, took the glass and went into his arms. He kissed her and watched her very intensely for a minute.

Lorenzo whispered: are you afraid of me Paris?

Paris: No Lorenzo I am not afraid at all. I am besotted and infatuated with you and I don’t want this to ever finish. Why should I be scared of you? Have you done anything wrong to me?

Lorenzo: “no, non l’ho fatto, ma io sono il capo della mafia qui in Europa e le cose che faccio non sono belle” (No I didn’t but I do control the mafia in Europe and sometimes I do things which I am not proud of).

Paris: And I understand that and accept it. I have searched your name and the findings are very colourful.

They both smiled and started to kiss passionately. He lifted her on the piano and started to finger her vigorously and kissing her keenly. He stepped on the chair took out his cock and put it inside her, they fucked until they both cum.

Lorenzo: Mr Bond would like to invite for you for a drive, he said smiling. In the limo she pushed him on the opposite chair and started to undress him.

Paris: Mr Bond, it’s a pleasure to meet you tonight and hope this business which we need to discuss will not take too much of your time.
She took of his jacked and saw his two guns and that made her super horny as she bit her lips he watched how exited she was. She unbuttoned his shirt, took it off but put back the shoulder gun holster with the guns inside (chocolate guns).

She took off his trousers and told him to pour champagne on her back and arse and fuck her with the gun and his tongue as well.

Renzo: Yes amore anything for you, I love you. I love you and I don’t want to leave you never but I am only doing what you want me because I respect you and I and going at your paste and in the direction you drive us.

He handcuffed her hand wide open to the seats and poured all the remaining champagne on her back and ass. As the champagne was coming down he moved a gun all over her back to her neck and mouth.

Paris: Punish me Lorenzo I have been a bad girl and I need you punish me, make me eat that gun.

He took out his fingers from her asshole and put in the gun slowly pushing in and doing round movements. The limo top window opened and he was fucking her outside now where anyone could see them. The sex was crazy and intense between them two. They could go for hours and still crave for each other.

The car stopped at a beautiful secluded cabin in the woods and he took off his handcuffs. Dressed her in a white short dress and white willies.

Paris: Run now Mr Bond. She counted till 100 and then went after him.

It was a clear sky with loads of stars illuminating the woods but a cold breeze made her nipples erect and she starred to smile. She was very deep in the woods, there was no light, no noise, and she couldn’t even see the house or the car so she was scared now.

Paris decided to go back towards the house but she stumbled and felt on her knees

Super quick a hand was over her neck grabbing her tight putting something inside her mouth and tied her hands over her head. He turned her around and pointed a gun at her, his dick was massively erect and he smacked her face with it, then her tits. Renzo intended to fuck her there but he noticed that she was cold and shivering so he put her on his shoulder and went to the house. He was in love afterwards.

They jumped in the Jacuzzi, had some drinks and warmed up. They were looking at the stars and he was telling her all about his secret mafia brotherhood and how the ranks work, how people are chosen and how the family does their business. They talked about business for a while and went to bed holding hands. Little he knew that she will use all this information against him one day.

But now they drifted to bed happy.

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