Love is just a word until someone comes along and gives it a meaning,

A knock at the door woke Paris up next morning. She opened the door to a breakfast tray, an invitation and a present. As she drunk her coffee she called home to see how her lovely family was doing. A feeling of guilt took over her as she was talking with her boys and her husband. The perfect family but somehow she was doing something unthinkable.

A second knock disturbed her telephone conversation, she opens the door a bit worried but luckily her friends were letting her know that they are going to the pool. She said she will be joining them shortly. She finished her conversation and carry on eating looking at the invitation and the box in front of her.

She opened the invitation:
My sweet angel, I loved every second spent with you yesterday, can you do me the honour of joining me to my yacht dinner party this evening from 20.00 pm onwards.

PS: the red necklace as requested (smiley face)

She opened the box to see an elegant ruby necklace perfect for her red dress.

Paris went down to reception before going to the pool. She asked the hotel manager to see Lorenzo. He took her to his office where she waited patiently.
After 30 min she was allowed in and the hotel manager left.

She was alone in Lorenzo’s office looking at his desk, pictures of his children but no wife.

He came out from a secret room, a bit flustered, angry and distracted with his shirt covered in spatters of blood.
She only saw a man with his hands restrained and a bag on his head and another one on the floor.

She did not flinch and smiled when he locked at her.

He took off his shirt changed to a new one but closely analysing her reaction to what she saw and what was happening.

Paris said: “I only came to let you know that I am accepting your invitation and the way I want you inside me tonight. I want you to fuck me on the yacht in one room with all those people around us. Then I want us to disappear in one of your secret sex rooms probably via your office. She said smiling”.
He smiled at her: “come fai a sapere che ho una stanza segreta piena di giocattoli sessuali”. (How do you know I have a secret sex room?) Sounds like 50 shades of Grey fantasies Paris, I am not that type of person.

Paris: “lo so, se non ne hai uno, assicurati di averne uno” (I know you have one and if you don’t, make sure to have one).

He laughed so much as she walked thru the door, and now he had to have a room.

Paris: By by see you tonight sexy.

Lorenzo was left there smiling and thinking how can women like that exist, the perfect match for him, he was covered in blood and she didn’t even question the whole scenario. She had an amazing body, gorgeous face, Silky hair, very skilled in bed, demanding, organised and creative.

He was day dreaming at their previous night as he was disturbed by the bodyguard who was asking if they should release the two men inside that room.

He said no kill them both, cut their hands and send them in a box as a warning gift to the Carpuci Family.

He was after all Lorenzo Mecado the head of the Mecado family, the most powerful mafia family in the whole world, their family existed since the 1900s and they`ve always been in charge of the underground world of sex, crime, gun and drugs. He was a very good head with lots of enemies and few friends.

Paris went to the pool were she stayed till late enjoying time with her girlfriends and some lovely cocktails. She was talking with the other girls told them what they were doing later tonight, everyone was super exited, some of them were talking with men and joking with friends that they just made.

As she was tanning she took her phone and search for Lorenzo Mecado.

She read about his family history, the mafia history, the conspiracies around the family links with gun control and diamond mines around the world, the crimes they’ve committed, their links with old dark underground powerful groups and other scary facts. Also his second wife is a Mariner Du Valreas which is the main Le Milieu (French mafia) on the French Riviera and her father Joel Mariner Du Valreas is the Caïd (the main boss).

She was not fazed at all, she only wanted hard overpowering sex with a stranger it wasn’t her fault he was a mafia member. Typical always she attracted the bad guys except her husband a sweet lovely soul.

So much murder and drama gave her a headache so she went to have a massage and a facial then to her room to prepare for another night of adventure, hoping she will not die in the process.

A knock startled her, it was a makeup artist sent by Lorenzo to take care of her hair and makeup. She showed the French women what to do for makeup and hair as well. She called Simone over to have a session too and some gossip between best friends.

Simone knew that Paris was always hiding something but she accepted her as a best friend and always helped her. Now she was conflicted, her husband was best friend with Austin, Paris husband and their children were going to the same schools. She wanted to say something but now it wasn’t the right moment.

Paris was literarily the Lady in Red, the handmade dress with a sexy flower pattern in front and no back just a delicate chain on the spine to cover her ascension of the planets tattoos around Earth. The ruby necklace was just perfect for the evening.

They were escorted by one of the men in black/bodyguard to the yacht where people already started to arrive and the music was making a lot of noise.

He was there waiting for her looking amazing in his white trousers with his red shirt smiling at the matching outfits.

They both smiled and winked at each other. He came over helped her to get in and offered her a cocktail. By know he knew that Piña colada was her favourite cocktail so he had one in his left hand.

As the party was getting louder the atmosphere was amazing, everyone was having fun and the yacht started the small tour of the Riviera.

His wife came and started shouting and swearing, she was drunk. He talked with her and send her to the shore.

Iris, Paris friend came over and she said: don’t you think you should stop seeing this man, he is married.

Paris said: so am I, Iris and the answer is no I do not have to explain myself to you, after all you are an expert in marriages.

After the wife was sent away Paris went to Lorenzo and asked for a tour of the yacht.
He took her to the control deck told her about the history of the yacht and how long it has been in the family and showed her photos of him, young Renzo sailing the yacht and other ones as well in Italy. There was a family photo and she asked who those people were. Renzo showed her his family and explained that the other people were dead and kept quiet.

Then they went to the trophy room where he locked the door and said: “hai chiesto di essere scopato sullo yacht. Ho scelto questa stanza che è molto importante per me perché ho notato che stai diventanto importante per me” (You asked to be fucked on the yacht. I picked this room because is important for me and you are becoming very vital to my existence).

She smiled and they danced for a while in a peaceful embrace felling each other’s heartbeat. Then he started kissing her neck, licking her ear, moving his hands all over her sexy body, she was dancing provocative by turning him on, moving her bum all over his cock, he was exited asking for more dancing.

Paris danced and turned around to touch his cock, she unzipped his trousers and took out his cock, strokes it and lowered her head started to suck it passionately with sexy moans as well.
He was calling her his angel, his sexy angel and that he wants to get inside her but she did not stop the sucking and took of her dress and made him cum all over her tits just by sucking him.

He was in heaven

Lorenzo grabbed her by the neck, lifted her up aggressively and pushed her on the table. He turned her around and started playing with her tits as he was licking her asshole; he took a deep smell and said that he smelt strawberries. He smelled her ass for a while and then started to lick her back, neck and shoulders as he bit gently the shoulder and grabbed her hands forming an X with them he leaned her forward, putting his hand on her and opened the ass more for his cock to go in.

She was moaning with pleasure and pain and he was fucking her at an exhilarated paste. It carries on like that for minutes and minutes when they both cum with a scream of passion. As they were heavy breathing and hugging each other and feeling the sweet all over their bodies a knock on the door startled them.

It was the bodyguard letting them know that the yacht was coming back to the docks.

They kissed and smiled, he took her to the shower were they washed each other.

Back at the party they had more drinks and shortly arrived at the hotel docks.

The plan was to make an appearance at the club but shortly after arriving they should go back to the hotel and play more with each other.

At the club he was talking with some friends and some of his staff, girls were all over him but he dismissed all of them as he only had eyes for Paris.

People have noticed that he is not partying as much as he used to, not exited to see the sexy ladies with which he was acquainted, he only looked at her.

The bodyguards were a bit surprised as they were used with couple of ladies a night but this fling was out of character for Lorenzo. Plus, Paris got more attention than his wife Camille, and she was introduced numerous times as his partner.

Paris was dancing and having fun with her friends but she knew that he was watching her. After an hour she made him a sign that she was ready to be fucked again.

They went to the hotel tacking a back entrance which would lead to another secret room. The room was very futuristic, loads of security gadgets but with an Art Deco décor, very pleasant to the eye and confortable. There was a big TV screen, a sofa, a table with chairs, a big round bed with blue velvet sheets and pillows, and lots of sexual gadgets & toys on the walls and hanging as well.

They went to the sofa, sat down had some cocktails and smoked a cigar.

They were talking about Monaco and Italy and small staff but they were smiling and laughing all the time.

She noticed a pool for striptease and a bag full of cash.

As she finished her drink she pulled a chair next to the pool, sat Lorenzo on the chair, gave him rolls of cash and asked him to wank while she’s dancing, and cum all over her bum covered in money. As she started dancing his mind was working miles an hour, how did she knew so much staff, how wasn’t she phased by the whole bag of cash and how came he is in love with this stranger.
She started twerking in front of him as he wanked and throw money at her. Renzo was shouted that his ready and cannot hold it anymore he wants to throw his cum on her bum. Paris smiled and turned around and felt the hot sperm all over her back, bum and legs. He grabbed her with one hand and kept her tight as he slammed his dick all over her bum and between her bum cheeks. As he finished she bend and arched and he went crazy and started kissing her passionately for a very long time. He kept her so tight to his chest and the breathing was harder and harder and harder.


He lifted her up and put her in the bed and covered her in cash. He covered her big pointy tits and started to suck her nipples. Lorenzo looked her in the eyes and started telling her how much he likes spending time with her, how amazing she is, how he would like to see her every day and be at his side.

She saw where this was going and stooped him and said: Lorenzo let’s be honest you will be bored of me soon like all the other women’s. I saw how people look at me and you, I saw how women lurk all over you and also you have a wife. I have read about you and your family and I am not interested in becoming part of the family.

Lorenzo said: I will divorce for you Paris, if you have me.

Paris: Like divorce is so easy, I am not ready to divorce my family, I love my family. I thought we had an agreement, I told you that I am in holiday and I want to be fucked by you for 5 nights, when I want to, how I want it and for as long as I need it. You said yes and have been doing this since day 1, why are you giving me this speech now?

Lorenzo: Because, I love you

Paris: That’s impossible but she knew it was true because she felt it as well. She wouldn’t say anything yet. Let`s stop this conversation and play a bit more.

He laughed and said: you’re always ready for my cock I see

Paris: Yes I want that cock all the time, I am addicted to it.

They had another drink then they went to the bed where Lorenzo brought a belt with a vibrating cock ring and another vibrator was attached to the belt for her ass.

He then took some vibrating gloves and he wanted her to vibrate everywhere. Renzo started kissing her tits, licking her whole body and gently biting her body. He licked her pussy and asshole and made her wet and ready for him. As he put his dick inside her his hands were vibrating on her ass and the vibrator was going inside it as well. Paris was screaming with pleasure and desire.

Paris: Fuck me amore, fuck me hard and make me scream. The screams were louder and louder ( good that the room was sound proof)
The fucking was delicate but hard he was pushing and pushing thrusting her pussy and ass as well , her legs were on his neck and he was licking them, his hands on her hips pushing his cock inside harder and harder.

She squirted everywhere and started to shake from that much passion he took off his gloves and started to lick her sperm from her pussy, he licked her ass and carry on to the tits where he stayed and then they both fell asleep late in the night.

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