Affair in Monaco

Meeting Hercules
Paris Young mum of 4 from Devon, United Kingdom runs a small but successful makeup company, a vintage tea room where she would sell her hand made clothes and bags and homemade bread, sandwiches and tasty teas & coffees.

She was married to Jude for 10 years now and they were very happy leaving a normal life with their sweet boys. They have decided to renew their vows and have a ceremony and a party to celebrate with their friends. Jude wanted to have a Vows Renewal Stag and Hen parties just for fun and to spend some time apart from each other. It is essential to spend time away from your beloved significant one and miss them so much that the desire to see them is stronger.

Paris picked Monaco for her getaway and Jude took the more traditional approach and organised his party in IBIZA with the lads.

She did not want anything big because at 38 she wanted to rest and party differently. So she booked a luxury hotel in Monaco, Mecado Hotel where it has been suggested that famous movie stars would spend their summers enjoying the sun and picturesque views.

She made sure that they will have full access to the hotel Spa and beauty treatments and all-inclusive cocktails. Her friends, Simone, Iris, Aubrey, Michelle, Nadine and India were super excited to spend the next 6 days doing ladylike staff and drink as many cocktails as possible and flirt with super tanned sexy Monoikosites. The name of the French colony Monoikos, (Monaco in the past) derives from the local veneration of the Greek demigod Hercules, so the expectation was that all men looked like Hercules, which made the ladies dream of naughty adventures.
As they landed everyone could see that the girls were in a party mood as they started from Heathrow to drink copious amounts of Prosecco.
The taxi driver stopped in front of the hotel and he was happy to drop the noisy ladies there and carry on with his job transporting tourist from the airport to their destinations.

Mecado Hotel was situated in an amazing location near the beach, with stunning views and extremely fashionable rooms, bars, restaurants and a private roof venue for reserved parties. The Mecado Hotels chain was very popular and famous for hosting well-known individuals and for their prestigious locations around the world.

As she walked towards the reception in her short tights and super sexy bodysuit with high heels and revealing lots of flesh she felt important and super sexy in the hot weather. She was looking smashing for her age and she knew it.

As she walked in, the most beautiful Italian men walked out in white shorts and shirt with glasses and Versace shoes. He walked and smiled with his perfect lips in Paris. The men turned around admiring Paris from behind but she turned and smiled at him in a very cheeky way.
He said, “Tu sei bellisima” (You are beautiful) in Italian and Paris said, “grazie amore” ( Thank you love).

The men smiled and walked away.

After checking- in they went to the terrace to enjoy some Prosecco in the sun ( Paris was hoping to see the sexy man again) and lunch. As they sat down she noticed that someone was actually admiring her and she smiled at seeing his face again.

Beautiful sexy Italian face, black hair with green eyes, olive skin, no beard and looking absolutely lush body wise.

He was sat at a table next to a woman who looked very upset and 3 other men talking about something very intense. But Italians tend to be a bit intense when they talked so she was admiring the hand gestures and the tonality of the conversation. She was a lover of the Italian language and the country because he has spent many years there working and meeting the locals in various cities.

The women at the table looked at Paris and she got up and walked away upset. The Italian men did not even go after her but he smiled at Paris and lifted his glass up as they were cheering at a joke between them.

The girls were smiling and laughing and making jokes that Paris should have a fling with this mysterious man and enjoy what Monaco has planned for her. The girls were making cheeky comments with sexual connotation in their drunken mood and planning their evening. Everyone was ready to have a shower and spend some time by the pool before dinner.

As they walked away towards the reception area, the sexy Italian men approached them gazing at Paris. She smiled and walked away but he didn’t let her go any further. He looked at her boobs and took a deep breath and introduced himself as Lorenzo.

The girls walked away towards their rooms smiling, but Paris stayed there giggling and talking with Lorenzo about their trip, 6 days in Monaco, their activities for the next couple of days and asking about what else should they visit and if he is local or a tourist like her as well.
He said that he has a residence in the hotel because he manages it. He offered to give her a tour of the hotel, wine cellar where they can taste some exquisite old wines and the rooftop as well.

They walked next to each other and their hands brushed slightly and they smiled looking in each other’s eyes. They knew that the chemistry was too much it was oozing from both of them.
Paris wanted to kiss him so much but that was crazy she was super happy with her husband and didn’t actually have an affair before.

Lorenzo was questioning what was happing to his breath why he couldn’t be his normal self. He was so excited to be around Paris and his sexual desire for her was insane. They went to the basement where the wines were kept and he made an unobserved sign to the waiters to leave the premises. And the man who was following them without Paris knowing to stay at the door and let now-one inside.

They went in and he walked behind Paris admiring her bum and her small waist, her elegant walk down the steps. He lightly touched her waist just to direct her to a barrel which had a bottle of wine on top and some glasses. He put wine in 2 glasses and gave Paris a lesson in wine tasting, smell, aroma and what makes a wine special. He talked about the crop, the process, the winery, the quality of the barrels and the period of time to make a perfect wine.

The sexual chemistry was too much for both of them to handle so they gave in.

Lorenzo pushed Paris to the wall and started kissing her with an uncontrollable passion and she answered back with her lips, tongue and her hands all over him.
She pushed him towards a barrel and as he leaned on it she touched his inside thigh with her long almond-shaped nails, and looked him in the eyes and locked his eyes on her. She moved her nails from the thigh to the crotch, then to his chest, neck and face.
She moved her hands down to his shirt and as she was undoing his buttons she said: Lorenzo would you like to pour wine all over my tits and lick it?

She smiled and took his shirt off looking at his super cool abs and tanned body. She pushed her nails to his lips and pressed on the bottom lip and asked to be aggressively fucked by him.

He was amazed by the request and took the wine glass and starting pouring wine on her naked tits, her mouth as he was kissing her and grabbing her racy bum cupping it in his strong manly hands.
The kissing became stronger, clothes were flying everywhere and they were in a pool of wine. He grabbed Paris and put her on the barrel with her back facing him and greedily started licking her asshole and pussy. He put 2 fingers in her ass and his Italian tongue in her pussy. Paris was moaning, screaming with pleasure and grabbing his hair.
He asked her if she is ready and she said: “ai amore (my love) fuck me very hard and make me cum all over your Italian catzo” (cock). She was shouting all this while “dai amore fuck me harder” (fuck me hard).

And he was calling her his “putana” (whore).

He smiled and laughed and pushed his big straight dick inside her and made her scream with pleasure, they fucked and fucked until both released their energy at the same time. As they finished they stayed there, Paris in his arms and his hands cupping her breasts, his breath on her neck and his lips on her shoulders.

It took a couple of minutes for them to realise what happen and them Paris started laughing and said: “how am I going to walk to my room with wet and wine stinking clothes and looking so happy”.

But Lorenzo had already thought about that and he called for 2 bathrobes and went to the door to pick them. She didn’t ask anything about that she just went with it.
He showed her a secret entry from the cellar to his office and from there to the SPA section as well. They both went into a private shower where Lorenzo washed Paris and fucked her again on the wet steamy tiles.

Once in her room Paris was buzzing with energy, what happened to her, why was the desire for this man so strong, why did she gave up and why did she share a glimpse of her sexual fantasies with him.

So many why’s, she was startled by a knock on the door, she thought that would be her friends but instead, it was a man in a black suit looking like a bodyguard. He gave her an invitation and 2 presents.

The invitation said:

this afternoon was the most amazing escapade which has happen to me and I would love to see you again. Please do come to my private party on the roof at 20.00pm with all your girlfriends.

PS: chose one of the presents as it is yours.

She opens the boxes where she found 2 different necklaces, one with diamonds and one with SWAROVSKI crystals and pearls. She looked at her hand made dress and picked the diamonds necklace as it was more suitable. She was questioning if she should accept the present and the invitation but her whole body was saying that she needs that cock inside her again.

Her super delicate handmade diamonds dress with see-through sides and a beautiful peacock design on front and a “V” shaped backline would benefit from a sexy diamonds necklace which looked very expensive.

She quickly called the other girls, which were by the pool and told them about the party invite for the roof party and that they should be ready in time.

Simone her best friend came to Paris room and they had a chat about her little adventure but not in details. Simone only had to look at Paris to understand what happened and they both giggled and planned their makeup for that evening.

Even with her best friends she was still reserved and kept secrets for herself.

Everyone was in her room looking at the present and the invitation. They got ready and went to the reception where a member of staff took them to the roof via the private elevator.

On this stunning summer night with the sun still up but ready to go to sleep a restless feeling was in the air, Lorenzo was feeling happy, excited and elevated like the love of his life was coming to him and as he turned there she was in an outstanding white dress with his necklace smiling at him.

He went straight away to her, ignoring all his wife calls and gestures. He greeted Paris by kissing her hand and then introduced himself to the other girls, offered them a drink and doing some small talk about their stay at the hotel.

As he was preparing to speak to Paris his wife, Camille came over super angry. In the same time, Lorenzo`s bodyguard noticed and pushed slightly Paris to one side and engaged in a conversation with her. As she was backing Lorenzo she heard his wife raised voice saying how disgusting she is at his behaviour. He calmed her down and told her to leave if she is angry because his party is very important and he doesn’t want any disturbances. She again raised her voice saying that he is never going to change and his only good at cheating.

By then Paris moved on and tried some food and turned herself to face him but from a distance. He was talking with one of the bodyguards giving him instructions to take Camille home and calm her down. After the wife and the bodyguard left Lorenzo was scanning the roof for Paris.

She knew that he was looking for her but she was pretending to be engaged in a conversation with another guest. The conversation was in French and because she knew French she was translating for the other girls as well, they all seemed to have a laugh but in her mind, she only wanted him, her astonishing Italian man.

He made a toast and asked everyone to sit down as the dinner was served. He was seated at the head of the table and Paris was strategically directed to the seat next to him. As she got there they both smiled and he said: “ Mi dispiace molto per l’incidente con la Mia moglie, spero non ti dispiaccia che sono sposato”

(I am extremely sorry for the incident with my wife, hope you don’t mind I am married).
Paris said smiling: “per niente, angie yio sono sposato” (it`s ok I am married as well).

The dinner started, it was an elegant setting with 5 courses which lasted till late.
Paris and Lorenzo talked all night as it was only the two of them in the room. The chemistry was undeniable. After dinner, the girls were invited to the club to carry on partying. Everyone was super excited.

Lorenzo offered them his limousine and the driver. Paris asked if he is coming, and he said, do you want me there?
She said in Italian: “Ti voglio dentro di me più tardi” (I want you inside me later)

He smiled saying: How do you want me inside you?
Paris smiled and she winked: I’ll tell you later Lorenzo

They all got in 3 limos and went to the club to the private section and started drinking shots, champagne, cocktails and dancing.

He was talking with 2 people but always looking at Paris. She was having so much fun, they danced for hours until her legs were aching. She walked towards him
locked at him and whispered in his ear:
This is how I want you: we will take a walk on the beach to a quiet area where only the moon can see us. We will undress and go into the water where you will fuck me and kiss me very passionately. Your bodyguard will make sure now-one will approach us as we fuck on the sand, with the water reaching our legs and we will be covered in sand and sperm.

We are leaving now Lorenzo, and PS: tomorrow I am wearing a red dress make sure the new necklace matches it.

He smiled and thought to himself: “Finalmente ho incontrato le donne perfette, la mia partita” (finally I met my match).

With a super big smile on his face, he made a sign to the bodyguard and they left.

She told Iris her friend in passing that she will see them tomorrow at lunch by the pool. Iris was a bit shocked at Paris behaviour was very different from what she was used to but accepted it as it was her party and her life and morals were not applicable when drunk and having fun.

The limo drove to a secluded beach where they got out and started walking and talking holding hands. They were both happy to spend time with each other and they genuinely liked the company.

They got to a quiet place and Paris said boldly: “is time to undress me amore, he smiled and started slowly undressing her. Both naked, hand in hand went into the moonlighted water and started kissing.
He reached for Paris pussy with his fingers and played with her breast and started liking them. She was moaning with pleasure as she dived in to suck his erected big cock. The sucking made Lorenzo scream and pulled Paris out and started to kiss her smooth wet lips. He put his cock inside her and started to fuck her as she was clutching his broad back with her legs. They fucked under the moonlight until they both explode passionately with cum.
He swam further with her on his back and they played for a while in the water looking at the stars and their shadows in the water.

They went out where towels and champagne were laid out for them on a comfy beach bed. They drank champagne and eat prawns and talked about the stars, planets and life. He knew quite a lot about stellar constellations and Paris loved listening to his smooth voice. They fucked again on the bed and around they left-back for the hotel.

Paris went to her room and he went home to his wife both thinking of what tomorrow has in plan for them.


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